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September 21, 2016

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Habits to break to prevent ageing skin

We all want younger looking skin, whatever our age, but did you know there are several bad habits you are probably guilty of which could contribute to damaging your precious skin?

Here are the main culprits…

Eating too much sugar

A new syndrome “sugar face” is an unattractive puffiness with increased wrinkles and reduced elasticity caused by a diet high in sugary foods and drinks.

The glycation process, which is caused by high blood sugar levels, speeds up the ageing process by causing these wrinkles and fine lines by damaging collagen.

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Smoking decreases blood flow and reduces oxygen to your skin and major organs, floods the body with toxins and has been proven to increase the visible signs of ageing. Often the most obvious ageing signs are around the eyes and lips in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, but smoking can impact the skin across the entire body as it diminishes skin elasticity which can lead to sagging skin at the knees, elbows and breasts among other areas.

Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the body. After a heavy drinker stops drinking they will notice their skin becomes clearer, more vibrant and youthful. If you think you drink too much, cur right down or give it up completely for a month and you’ll probably see an improvement in your skin almost immediately.

Using sunbeds and sunbathing

The sun emits two types of UV radiation: UVA are the longer waves that penetrate further down into the skin and are responsible for skin ageing, and UVB causes sunburn (easy to remember A for ageing B for burning).

As well as potentially causing skin cancer, these rays prematurely age our skin so always protect your face with a sunscreen, even on days which don’t appear that sunny. Many good foundations now come with an SPF making full-time protection much easier.

And don’t go thinking sunbeds are a safer option. They are just as dangerous as the sun as their radiation penetrates deeper and a 20-minute session on a sunbed is thought to be the equivalent of four hours of sunshine. The British Association of Dermatologists has warned that the long-term effects of sunbed use include not only cancer and premature ageing, but also an increased risk of cataracts!

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Washing with harsh cleansers

People who are blighted by spots and pimples, or those with oily skin, may be drawn to exfoliators and cleansers that “dry out” the skin. However, these products can strip the skin of all its good oils and damage its own natural protective barrier making it look thicker and older. Over dried-out skin can then go into overdrive producing more oil which means you can either have dull skin from over cleansing, or a fresh breakout of spots.

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Not sleeping enough

A good night’s sleep boosts our energy levels, metabolism, and lifts our mood. But it is also beneficial for our skin. A lack of sleep causes dark circles under the eyes and a dull and pale complexion.

Not removing makeup

One of the most common bad habits among women is not properly cleansing and removing makeup at night. This results in impacted pores (making them appear larger) and sadly our collagen levels decline as we age so our pores will not easily reduce again after becoming enlarged, resulting in a dull, thick and older-looking complexion.

Using too many products

Using too many beauty products on our faces can actually irritate our skin and cause it to become sensitive, red, or even flaky. Use facial products appropriate for your skin type starting from your cleanser to your toner and daily moisturiser. It’s always worth seeking professional advice to set you off on a lifetime of buying appropriate products.

Not drinking enough water

The benefits of drinking water to improve skin are immense. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Nothing beats the healthy effects of water when it comes to flushing out toxins from your skin and keeping it supple and hydrated all the time. And a supple, hydrated complexion is a younger-looking one! Always remember we are made up of 70% water so it is important for your body to function.

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