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ProFractional Laser

October 11, 2016


The results are amazing!

ProFractional laser treatment causing a stir in the US.  Also available in the UK at The Garrett Clinic.

An American comedian has gone public with her ‘before and after’ images following her ProFractional laser treatment as she is so thrilled with the results.

“Its f***ing awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it. Bam!” said the 41-year-old comedian – who boasts 11.5M followers.

The Garrett Clinic in Harley Street is the first in the UK to be offering this amazing treatment.

So how does it work?

Well the laser selectively treats small sections, micro channels deep in the skin, while not affecting the rest of the skin’s surface this leads to speedy recovery. So it aims to create smoother, clearer skin that is resurfaced from the inside out. It can be used to treat scars, acne scars, sun damage and wrinkles and while tackling the damage it stimulates the growth of new collagen.

The main difference between fractionated laser treatments and the more traditional  fractionated ablative methods is that fractionated lasers do not take off the entire outer layer of the skin at once this leads to reduced results and lengthy healing.

Patients generally see results in two treatments. Following a treatment, skin becomes red with mild swelling for about two days. Then follows approximately a week of mild peeling and flaking before fresher, unblemished skin is revealed.

ProFractional laser treatment is getting rave reviews across the Pond for its ability to create smoother, clearer skin, treating scars, acne-pitted skin, sun damage and wrinkles.

Lee Garrett, founder of The Garrett Clinic, says: “The evidence of the treatment’s effectiveness is out there for all to see. It really is a whole new phase for laser treatments and another massive step forward for the medical aesthetic industry, I think that patient do need some down time to see these great results.”

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