0207 637 1600 – Debate: Should the laws on botox & dermal fillers be changed?

May 16, 2013

The government are being called upon for stricter regulations on the cosmetic procedures

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An independent review into dermal fillers recently called upon the government to change the law, insisting that an unregulated system and unlicensed practitioners were making the cosmetic treatments a ‘crisis waiting to happen.’
The findings called for derma fillers to be made available only on prescription, for stricter checks on practitioners qualifications and for the end of discount offers that are thought to be trivialising the procedures.
But what do those working in the industry think?
We spoke to Harley Street skin guru, Lee Garrett, who has over ten years experience and a few opinions on the matter…
What is the benefit of having Botox injections?
‘Botox is a very safe medical product. It is very effective treating medical condition such as hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating, and of course for migraines. For non-medical purposes it is very good at treating frown lines which are those lines between the eyes.
Dermal fillers are also another great treatment especially for patients who have lost weight in their face and can not put this back on naturally. This is where I really enjoy using them. They are also great for the backs of hands and for hollow temples.  They are wonderful for rehydrating the skin.’
What is your opinion on non-licensed individuals giving fillers and botox injections?
‘My colleagues and I have all studied very hard to become experts in using fillers and botox. We do frown upon cowboys who come into the industry and give it the bad name that it has today, I want to see stricter policies for our industry but not just ones that take money from us for just a lot of hot air and no action.’
‘There is always risk with all products but if there are rogues using these products without training or care this is going to cause danger to our patients. I do think that the suppliers need to tighten up on who is using their products.’
They also need to stop the one-day training courses that are providing certificates for people to just start using the products.’
What do you think about the call to change the legislation?
‘Well, let’s wait and see what happens. A few years ago the then government ducked the question of regulation because it was too expensive. I think all reasonable practitioners will welcome legislation. I do think that the dermal fillers should be prescription only which in turn may rule out some of the cowboys.’
Will it work?
‘Unfortunately in my opinion it will not work. The reason for this is that although botox is a prescription only product I hear that this is still being used by people that are not appropriately trained in the medical sector. Again this is down to the suppliers and who they should and shouldn’t be supplying.
I would like to think that if new laws were brought it, people would follow it, but in real life there will be some that will slip through the net and this is where there should be some sort of redress. For example if an appropriate person is caught supplying someone without qualification they should be removed from their professional register.’ Do you think it’ll face the same troubles as the PIP breast implant health scare in the future?
‘No I don’t think that will happen as it was apparently because of criminality in the production of the product. Criminals exist and flourish in all markets. That said, there have been products which have been granted the relevant safety marks in the EU, only then to have caused issues.’ What do you think is the future of fillers or botox?
‘In my opinion botox and dermal fillers will become trusted products again only if we can assure that safe practice is implemented by the supplier, practitioners and really the patients to make sure that they ask for training certificates and not purchase products from the internet.’
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